September 08, 2004

A Grand in the Sand

I can't believe Bil hasn't posted about the gut wrenching milestone reached yesterday in Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.). Can you picture one thousand families reeling from the loss of a loved one in a hell-hole thousands of miles away? What would the man who sent those men and women to their deaths say? Something like this?

No, seriously, the terrorists are really getting desperate now. Because they hate freedom. We're turning a corner. Mission Accomplished. No, I mean, Major Combat operations have ended. We have rid Iraq of its potential for someday acquiring weapons of mass destruction related programs. Ba'athist dead-enders are making their last stand. And so are Muqtada al-Sadr's radical insurgents. And so are the ranks of al Qaeda who, since Saddam's ouster, now have another place to operate with relative impunity. To them we say, Bring it on.

Check out this liberal media biased chart. It doesn't even say that Saddam threw babies against the wall!

Now let's see how many knuckleheads out there will read this and think I'm committing treason and stabbing our troops in the back. Holding leaders to account for their awful policies isn't treason; it's patriotism.

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