September 23, 2004

NOLA Blogging

Even though I don't live there anymore, I still feel the need to occasionally revisit on this site my home away from home. Today we're off to Kenner, Louisiana (a New Orleans suburb, and where you land when you fly to N.O. International). Today's call in show on CSPAN:

PETER SLEN, HOST: Kenner, Louisiana, good morning.

CALLER: Good morning. I'm going to vote for President Bush because, after all, you know, God made us there, you know, in His image, free from any black color and all. The only church that Kerry can go to is where they say the Black Mass, and that is in the Merriam-Webster Pocket Book dictionary, where it says that that is the devil worshippers. So, definitely, I would never vote for, you know, Senator Kerry.

There's much more, transcribed by our friend at Blast Off!

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And why was it a good thing that we won the Civil War?

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